Organo Gold Global Headquarters

The design concept for Organo Gold's Global Headquarters in Richmond is based upon two factors that greatly influence the company's corporate culture. First, the South-East Asian background and family history of the company's owners; and second, organic coffee as a beverage of choice. The space is a statement piece for Organo Gold - they wanted to feature an elevated level of design to echo the quality of their product.

The space represents a soothing beverage in a calming environment - dark accents mix with bright, saturated colours to accentuate this sensation. Wood was used throughout to blend West Coast warmth with corporate chic. Offering an organic product meant Organo Gold needed to live in a sustainable space - use of Green Guard certified and FSC wood products ensured that the materials and finishes created a minimal impact on the environment. Elements that represent the organic product that Organo Gold offers are interwoven throughout the space, including a natural entry lounge with a living wall and use of hand carved wood panels. The goal is for Organo Gold's clients to feel at home when they arrive at Organo Gold's offices; to have a comfortable and harmonious sense of place.

Location: Richmond, BC