UBC Student Housing and Hospitality Services (SHHS) Office Expansion

The first phase of this challenging project saw the SHHS space transition from student residential to office use. As interior designer and project manager for UBC’s SHHS expansion project, 34F Design faced challenges that included a constraining low ceiling height and the addition of an elevator into an existing building. The limiting 8ft slab-to-slab ceiling height forced our interior design team to be extremely flexible with their design, in order to accommodate mechanical services; the integration of mechanical services took priority, with lighting and design finishes following. 34F managed a flexible team that evolved along with the client’s concept.

During the second phase, our team converted two large offices into four more functional offices and reconfigured workstations throughout the space for additional staffing. Our priority was to create better workflow, planning efficiency, staffing efficiency, and interactions between the SHHS staff.

Location: Vancouver, BC