UBC Totem Park - Shuswap Faculty Residence

34F Design was responsible for full interior design and FF&E services, converting former student lounge space into an on-campus residence for faculty. The eight houses that make up Totem Park are typically intended for first and second-year students. However, this space is part of UBC’s “Faculty in Residence” initiative - a Student Housing and Hospitality Services pilot program that sees faculty reside among first-year students to bridge the gap between scholastic and social aspects of first-year campus life.

Intended for faculty, the Shuswap House residence is a much larger unit than the others in the residence tower. The unit was designed and furnished with solutions that are on the high-end of the spectrum for campus life - bringing a distinguished, urban feel to the residence. The project scope includes a large living space, dining area, kitchen, washroom, and large bedroom.

Location: Vancouver, BC